Top 8 Vision Skateboards Reviews In 2019

To maintain a lean and healthy-looking body, you have to spend many hours in the gym every day, right. No, if you enjoy outdoor activities such as skateboarding, you will improve health and have fun at the same time. It strengthens the cardiovascular system. It also improves the physical endurance and flexibility of people over time. For the best results, however, make sure that your skateboard of choice is top-notch. Heavy-duty skateboards are ideal. They work well for many years. Skateboard brands with efficient all-terrain wheels and shock absorbing decks also serve people well. Here are eight bestsellers

8. Primitive Complete Salabanzi Skateboard (Vision Test 8.0″)

Primitive Complete Salabanzi Skateboard (Vision Test 8.0)

Primitive Complete Salabanzi is a tensor-assembled 7-ply skateboard made from a high-quality maple. Measuring 8-inches wide, this is a broad and stable item. If you have a challenge balancing on your current skateboard, you will enjoy using this on. Its yellow theme pops. Its wheels (52mm TGM), on the other hand, have efficient ABEC 5 bearings (amphetamine), which boost its performance outdoors. Finally, you will love the magnesium tracks this skateboard has. Because of their flexibility, maneuvering this skateboard is very easy. These tracks also support a lot of weight.


  • Wide (8-inch) maple deck (7-ply)
  • Heavy duty trucks (magnesium)
  • Durable TGM wheels (52mm)
  • Efficient ABEC 5 bearings
  • Non-slip grip tape (diamond)

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7. Vision Complete Skateboard

Vision Complete Skateboard

Are you looking for a dependable Vision skateboard that supports over 200 pounds? This 31-inch matte red model will fascinate you in several ways. Its cleanly finished body, for instance, stands out. In your local skateboard part, expect compliments from other riders. Manufactured using a 9-ply maple wood, Vision’s high-density board (53x29mm) is another of its selling points. If you weigh up to 220 pounds, you can ride and do tricks on this skateboard with no damage. Finally, the polyurethane wheels (soft injected) on this board and its concave design (double kick tail) boost its efficiency. On most surfaces, it is super quiet. Kicking and controlling it is also easy.


  • 9-ply maple wood
  • Supports 220 pounds
  • Soft injected wheels (polyurethane)
  • Efficient concave kick tail
  • Carbon steel ABEC-3 bearings

6. Vision OG Skateboard

Vision OG Skateboard

This Vision OG Skateboard is attainable complete and ready to ride off the shelf. Whether you are in need of a dependable brand or a stunning outdoor-ready skateboard, this is a good option. Its tribal-themed gold graphics pop. Exposed to dust and elements such as water, they do not fade easily. The 31-maple deck on offer also stands out. Because of its thick 7-ply design, it withstands abuse better than many similar skateboards. You can do tricks on this skateboard. You can also ride it for long on rugged terrain without its wheels falling off and or its deck falling apart. Vision OG supports 220 pounds. Its polyurethane bushings and durable ABEC-5 bearings (carbon steel) are not only efficient but also quiet.


  • Carbon steel bearings (ABEC-5)
  • Sturdy 7-ply maple board
  • Durable polyurethane wheels
  • Supports up to 220 pounds
  • Heavy-duty trucks (aluminum)

5. Vision Hippie Stick Skateboard

Vision Hippie Stick Skateboard

Most USA-made Vision skateboards are not only durable but also designed to perform well on most surfaces. Popular in most top 8 vision skateboards reviews in 2019, for instance, Vision Hippie Stick is a cut above the rest. It has a humongous (10×32.5-inches) yet lightweight deck. During your outdoor trips, you can travel with it with ease without cluttering space. Moreover, because of its broad wheelbase (16.25 inches), the stability of this skateboard is admirable. It does not roll excessively on tight corners. Its modern truck-hole design fits most types of wheels.


  • Broad wheelbase (16.5 inches)
  • Humongous (10×32.5-inches) deck
  • Dependable USA-made product
  • Modern truck pattern (universal)

4. Vision Groholski Skeleton Reissue

Vision Groholski Skeleton Reissue

Vision Groholski Reissue requires minor assembly to work. You need to buy and screw in both wheels to take it out for a spin. However, even with the add-on expenses, it remains a sought-after skateboard because of its quality. As the Hippie Stick model reviewed herein, its low concave board is not only wide (9.75×30-inches), but also stable. The layered maple wood used to manufacture it withstands abuse better than the engineered wood used to make some similar skateboards. Its broad wheelbase (15 inches) boosts its stability, while its brown-themed skeleton print pops from a distance. You get a board that looks good and performs flawlessly.


  • Charming skeleton print
  • Wide (9.75×30 inches) and stable
  • Efficient low concave design
  • Lightweight board (3.2 pounds)

3. Vision Groholski Frankenstein Reissue

Vision Groholski Frankenstein Reissue

Are you planning to upgrade your existing skateboard with a new platform? Instead of repainting the old one or buying a cheap, knock-off brand, look for a Groholski Frankenstein Reissue from Vision. This high-quality USA-made skateboard fits most modern and traditional styles wheels. Using a screwdriver and a set of screws, you can set it up effortlessly at home. Its wide wheelbase (15.5 inches) and its charming Frankenstein theme have also attracted it a lot of attention. Maintained well, it will attract you a lot of attention. Due to its stability, maneuvering it around bends and or sharp corners is also a piece of cake. This makes it a suitable board for stunting.


  • 15.5-inch wheelbase
  • Low concave wooden board
  • Eye-catching Frankenstein theme
  • Modern hole pattern (universal)
  • Wide platform (31×10.25-inches)

2. Vision Original MG Reissue

Vision Original MG Reissue

Are you tired of your beat up reissue skateboard that is a safety hazard as well? Even though this Vision Original MG lacks a grip tape, its high-quality design is excellent for youths and adults as well. Weighing just 2.9 pounds, for instance, its light and portable design is suitable for traveling. Hole patterns (new era) are universal, while its 10×30-inch wooden deck is not only durable but also stable. Paired with a set of low-noise wheels with high-quality ABEC bearings, its performance outdoor is good.


  • Wooden board (10×30 inches)
  • Lightweight design (2.9 pounds)
  • New era truck pattern (modern)
  • Aerodynamic low concave structure

1. Vision Original Psycho Stick Reissue

Vision Original Psycho Stick Reissue

This Psycho Stick Psycho Stick skateboard from Vision excels where many brands have failed. The well-balanced 10×30-inch board that you get, for instance, has an aerodynamic low concave design with a 15-inch wheelbase. Holes for wheels (modern truck) come pre-drilled. Off the shelf, you can set it up and ride it minutes using an ordinary screwdriver. It also has a solid wooden deck with stylish graphics.


  • 10×30-inch wooden deck
  • 15-inch wheelbase
  • Aerodynamic low concave design
  • Pre-drilled holes for wheels

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