Top 8 Toddler Sleeping Bag Reviews In 2019

Camping does not have to stop when you get kids. Once they come, you can continue enjoying camping with them. However, you need to ensure that you have the best sleeping bag for them as they are vulnerable and may catch cold and diseases easily. To avoid regrets after a camping session or an out of house time because the toddler got sick, we have this article on the top 8 toddler sleeping bag to guide you through the purchase process. Going through them will be helpful, and you will get a chance to have in mind what type you want to purchase. Choosing the right one will make them enjoy the moments as well.

8. AceCamp Kids Sleeping Bags

AceCamp Kids Sleeping Bags

The toddler sleeping bag has a unique wavy shape design which enables the kid to enjoy many different sleeping positions. Easy movement is also allowed by the ability to rotate the cover and the elastic opening. The baby sleeps in it with so much comfort as the interior has 100 % cotton lining, the exterior 190T embossed soft polyester which is waterproof and breathable makes sleeping in it bearable. It has a backpack where you can package it when you want to travel with it. It is durable to ensure that your kid enjoys camping in it until they grow big. It is bright and glows in the dark which keeps the kid entertained.


  • Wavy shape
  • Elastic opening
  • Front zipper
  • Made of 190T embossed soft polyester
  • 100% cotton flannel interior
  • Fits into a backpack perfectly
  • Glows in the dark

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7. Coleman Kids 50 Sleeping Bag

Coleman Kids 50 Sleeping Bag

The toddler sleeping bag allows you to go camping with the kid even when the temperatures are low amounting to 50 F and give them a chance to enjoy. It can accommodate kids with a height of up to 5 feet. It keeps the kid very comfortable inside with its ThermoTech insulation which goes hand in hand with the ComfortCuff. The intensity of fun for the kids intensifies with its ability to glow in the dark. The feature keeps them so excited. It also comes with a flashlight pocket to the interior for lighting when necessary. There is no snagging when zipping as the fabric is blown away by the zip plow system.


  • Withstands mild temperatures
  • Ideal to 5 feet tall children
  • ThermoTech insulation and ComfortCuff
  • Glows in the dark
  • ZipPlow system
  • Flashlight pocket to the interior

6. Paw Patrol We’re A Team Toddler Nap Mat

Paw Patrol We're A Team Toddler Nap Mat

The set incredibly provides for all the comfort the kid needs while outdoors. It comes with an attached pillow to maintain comfort, a plush blanket to provide warmth and a quilted mat. It is comfortable to transport with the attached carry handles. The themes on the case design excite the kids fun as they match with what they like. It has a wide variety of use you can go camping with it, carry to a daycare, sleepovers or even the kindergarten schools. It is easy to wash with the fabric being 100% polyester.


  • Maximum comfort for the child
  • Carrying is easy
  • Multipurpose use
  • 100 % washable polyester
  • Toddler themed chase

5. Disney Mickey’s Toddler Rolled Nap Mat

Disney Mickey's Toddler Rolled Nap Mat

The toddler sleeping bag has a perfect travel design with a carry strap. It is ideal for use for kids with the age of two and above. The set is comfortable as it comes with a pillow, blanket and a 21″ x 46″ mat where all these enhance warmth as well. The blanket measures 32.5 by 35.5 inches which is more than enough for the child. The fabric in its making is purely polyester microfiber which is easy to wash as well as warm for the kid. It is ideal for machine wash. It weighs only 1.19 pounds which reduces the load and eases the ability to transport.


  • Comes with a carry strap
  • Ideal for ages two and above children
  • Made of 100 % polyester microfiber

4. Disney Minnie Mouse Toddler Rolled Nap Mat

Disney Minnie Mouse Toddler Rolled Nap Mat

The toddler sleeping bag is ideal for children with ages two and above. Transporting it to the area you need to is it is effortless as it has an easy carry strap to facilitate this. It comes with all the requirements for an effective sleep which includes a pillow, a blanket measuring 30 x 33 inches to cover the kid effectively and a 20 x 44 inches mat. The material making it is purely polyester microfiber. It makes it easy to clean and favorable to clean by the use of a washing machine. It is however not suitable for dry cleaning and ironing if you want it to last for long.


  • Comes with a blanket, pillow, and mat
  • Suitable for age two kids and above
  • Made of pure polyester microfiber
  • Washing machine friendly

3. Urban Infant Tot Cot

Urban Infant Tot Cot

For the mothers who are always on the go or require day care services, this is an excellent toddler sleeping bag to go purchase. It is inclusive of a sewn-in blanket, a pillow, and a name tag so that the caregiver does not confuse with others. It also serves preschool kids effectively. The elastic bands which are sewn in enable the bedding to remain in place as it pulls them to the corners. The feature makes it comfortable and efficient. It is easy to clean, and its design allows it to withstand daily use at school.


  • Has pillow, blanket and name tag
  • Ideal for preschool and daycare kids
  • Sewn-in elastic bands
  • kid proof design

2. Disney Minnie Mouse Slumber Bag Set

Disney Minnie Mouse Slumber Bag Set

Since the bag is purposefully for use outside the house, it comes with a carry bag to ease its transportation convenience. It is very durable with the outer part material having polyester purely. The material makes it easy to clean by the use of a washing machine. Apart from having a sleeping bag, it also comes with a sling bag to facilitate the transport process as well. The sleeping mat is big enough for the kid, and it measures 46 L x 26 W x 3 H inches.


  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Made of polyester from outside
  • The mat measures 46″L x 26″W x 3″ H
  • Sleeping bag and sling bag inclusive

1. Wildkin Original Nap Mat

Wildkin Original Nap Mat

The Wildkin Original Nap Mat has an excellent design that ensures maximum comfort to your kid as they take a nap in it. It measures 50 x 1.5 x 20 inches which are sufficient space for the kid. The super soft blend of cotton and microfiber making it makes it maintain its soft texture for the kid’s safety. Carrying convenience is improved by the Velcro fastening straps and the carrying handle. It has a multipurpose use in schools, sleepovers, camping among others. It does not fade easily on washing and has vibrant colors. The sewn-in blanket is 100% cotton flannel which keeps your kid warm.


  • 100% cotton flannel blanket
  • 50 x 1.5 x 20 inches nap mat
  • Soft blend of cotton and microfiber making
  • Velcro fastening straps
  • Carrying handle
  • Vibrant colors
  • Machine wash friendly


Purchasing quality toddler sleeping mat for your kid is an expression of the love you have towards them. It will keep them comfortable when away from home to prevent the occurrence of cold sicknesses. To help you purchase the right one for your kid, consider going through the above top 8 toddler sleeping bag.

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