Top 8 Off Road Hoverboards Reviews In 2020

Lexus released the first hoverboard in June Since then, they have they have remained relevant to date due to their multi-functional designs. You can ride one to work or school. Solid and powerful ones also perform well off road, which fascinates many outdoor lovers. If you are one of them and want a long lasting model, this review article is for you. Here in, we have talked about eight pf the most trending off-road hoverboards that are good looking as well. Their upgraded systems and parts work seamlessly.

8. XPRIT Outdoor and Street Type Hoverboard

XPRIT Outdoor and Street Type Hoverboard

To have an enjoyable time, you need a maneuverable hoverboard with tires adapted for rough terrains. XPRIT meets this threshold. Rated IP56 water resistant, you can ride it in the rain without damaging its electrical system. Its footboard is stable, while the 8-inch diamond shaped wheels it comes with ride smoothly off road. On this street type hoverboard, you can explore muddy and sandy areas with ease. You can also ride it on gravel and grass for 8.4 miles after a 2-3 hour charge. XPRIT’s top speed is 7.45 miles per hour. Its Bluetooth speaker supports both iOS and Android.


  • All terrain wheels (8 inches)
  • Fast motors (7.45MPH)
  • Supports 45-220 pounds
  • Short charge time (2-3 hours)
  • Modest range (8.4 miles)
  • Loud Bluetooth speaker

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7. Koowheel off Road Hoverboard

Koowheel off Road Hoverboard

Are hoverboards safe? Which are the best off-road models for commuting or outdoor exploration? Companies have gone to different lengths to correct the flaws in safety and performance that old brands had. This off-road Koowheel model, for instance, is a suitable outdoor model for these reasons. First, its 7.5-inch wheels have solid rubber tires and powerful dual motors (350w). The latter is quiet and heat-resistant at high speeds. Its Samsung SmartBattery has a range of 20-kilometers, while its light aluminum alloy frame can support up to 220 pounds. Most adults can rid this hoverboard. Koowheel has undergone 159 safety tests and passed. Its battery and shell are both heat stable. It has a non-slip platform as well.


  • All-terrain 7.5-inch wheels
  • Dual motors (350w each)
  • UL 2272 certified design
  • One-year warranty (limited)
  • Self-balancing technology

6. Sea Eagle Hoverboard

Sea Eagle Hoverboard

Falling from a hoverboard is a frustrating event. Whenever they tumble over hoverboards, people have broken limbs and ribs, which is worrying. To avoid such problems, look for this self-balancing machine from Self Eagle. Suitable for adults and kids, its gyro-stabilized design is easy to ride. In minutes of unboxing this hoverboard, most people can ride this machine safely. Its brushless dual motors are powerful (200w) and quiet. Full throttle, they reach speeds of 6.2MPH. Sea Eagle supports up to 200 pounds. Its UL certified battery pack has an admirable range of 10km.


  • UL certified battery (rechargeable)
  • High-speed motors (6.2MPH)
  • Gyro-stabilized system
  • Good range 10 kilometers
  • Factory warranty (one year)

5. Gyroor G-F1 Racing Hoverboard

Gyroor G-F1 Racing Hoverboard

Liked for their speed, racing hoverboards are suitable for commuting and competition. Moreover, models such as Gyroor G-F1 are also renowned in top 8 off road hoverboard reviews in 2019 for these reasons, Made using aluminum (85%) and ABS plastic (15%), it is light yet tough. Most adults weighing over 200 pounds can ride on gravel, sand, or tarmac without breaking its platform. Its solid wheels also stand out in many ways. Their large off-road designs (8.5 inches) roll over obstacles smoothly. Both wheels also have 350w electric motors (battery powered) that generate consistent power. They are durable and very dependable on most terrain.


  • Aluminium/ABS shell
  • Solid tires (8.5 inches)
  • 350w electric motors
  • UL2272 certified system
  • Self-balancing switch
  • Adjustable riding speed

4. LAMBORGHINI Hoverboard


LAMBORGHINI is an exclusive brand associated with well-to-do people. This collectible hoverboard has the quality associated with this global brand. Even though larger than leading competitors (up to 33%), this is a stable product. You get more foot space. Moreover, its design has gyro stabilizers. You do not have to exert a lot of effort to maneuver it on your lawn or driveway. Finally, for safety, all electrical components (battery and circuits) are tested and approved safe (UL 2272). Its wheels are large (8.5 inches) all-terrain ones, while its IP54-rated design is water-resistant.


  • UL 2272 certification
  • IP54-rated water resistant
  • All-terrain wheels (8.5 inches)
  • Broad and stable platform

3. CHO Spider Wheels Series

CHO Spider Wheels Series

This Spider Series hoverboard for CHO is a UL-approved accessory with a good motor and electrical performance. Ideal for kids, its vacuum tires grip rough terrain such as gravel and sand well. They are also of a decent size (6.5 inches). This makes rolling over small objects easy. CHO Spider is a powerful hoverboard. Its dual motors have a maximum speed of 10 Km/H. Moreover, after a 3-5-hour charge, you can ride this hoverboard for 12 kilometers without power or performance issues. Buy one with confidence today. It will improve how you commute or recreate at home.


  • 3-5 hour charge
  • 12-kilometer range
  • Top speed of 10Km/H
  • UL-certified (2272)
  • Loud wireless speaker

2. GOTRAX Hoverfly ION


In the past, off-road hoverboards were heavy and cumbersome. This is no longer the case. GOTRAX Hoverfly ION, although considered one of the best in this niche, is a convenient hoverboard. In the self-balancing mode, for instance, riding an original one is easy. On smooth or rugged terrains, its gyrostabilizers keep it level with the ground. This makes it easy to ride. Wheels have 400w motors (dual). On most surfaces, these propel GOTRAX to speeds of up to 7MPH with loads of up to 200 pounds. It is suitable for both adults and kids. Add-ons such as lighting (LED) have also made this UL-certified hoverboard sought-after. They enhance the visibility of riders.


  • Dual motors (400 watts)
  • Supports up to 200-pound loads
  • Gyro-stabilized hoverboard
  • UL-certified electrical system

1. NHT Hoverboard

NHT Hoverboard

NHT hoverboards are of two types – 6.5 and 8.5-inch wheel ones. Both are off-road hoverboards. They also have feature-rich designs with quality parts that boost their performance. Made from a solid alloy, for instance, its solid wheels are highly durable. You can ride this hoverboard on rough ground and or over obstacles without issues. Its smart self-balancing system is ideal. You do not have to support yourself on a wall or a pole to mount this hoverboard. Its plastic cover (anti-fire) supports 265 pounds.


  • Rugged wheels (6.5/8.5 inches)
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Anti-fire plastic cover
  • Supports up to 265 pounds
  • 90-day warranty (limited)

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