Top 8 Electric Skateboards Reviews In 2020

Electric skateboards are fascinating items. Whether you hate using public transport or enjoy the thrill of speed outdoors, buying one is a good idea. As most of the best electric bicycles are, these are powerful items. Their reliable battery powered system ride fast on most terrains. They are also quiet, dependable, and made using high-quality and replaceable parts that last for years. If you are planning to buy a new one as a gift for your loved one, you are in the right spot. These eight brands offer value for cash

8. Inboard M1

Inboard M1

Most cheap electric skateboards have low-grade decks and under powered motors that fail under stress. Instead of upgrading yours with high-grade components, look for a premium product such as Inboard M1 instead. The light and replaceable battery it comes with powers it well for up to seven miles. It also has a powerful motor and a responsive RFLX remote control that makes maneuvering it a breeze. On one, you can accelerate (up to 22 MPH) and brake with ease. Maneuvering this Inboard M1skateboard around corners is also a piece of cake for most people. Inboard M1 is air travel approved. Its water-resistant deck and UL-approved electrical system are durable, while its limited 12-month warranty covers defects.


  • Water resistant battery and deck
  • Limited factory warranty (12 months)
  • RFLX Remote Control system
  • In-wheel manta drive motors
  • Accelerates to 22 MPH

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7. WALNUTT Spectra Skateboard

WALNUTT Spectra Skateboard

Technological innovation has seen the development of premium devices that have influenced the lives of people positively. Designed to ease transportation, for instance, electric skateboards are in high demand by skateboarders. WALNUTT Spectra, for instance, is a popular brand among skateboard enthusiasts because of its superior design. If you are one of them, you will love its lightweight 23-inch design. Its portability is amazing. Its wheels are quiet and fitted with regenerative hub motors that reach cruising speeds of 12.4 MPH. Even though the range of WALNUTT is modest (6.2 miles), its premium AI system compensates for these. Using pressure sensors, it monitors the riding behavior of people and adjusts its system to maximize performance. Expect a smooth and enjoyable ride always.


  • Portable 23-inch design
  • Intelligent AI system
  • Free skateboard backpack
  • Advanced posture control (3D)
  • 12.4MPH hub motors (regenerative)

6. Freestyler Electric Longboard

Freestyler Electric Longboard

What makes this electric Freestyler longboard special? If you are looking for a versatile skateboard with a dependable design, this is an excellent choice. Its maple board (7-ply) is durable. You can ride it on rough terrain and even do rigorous trips on it without it breaking. Its premium hub (350W) and 2.2 Ah Samsung battery pack also stand out. The latter, for instance, has a UL-certified design that charges fast without overheating. It is also light, removable (interchangeable), and has a water-resistant design.


  • Seven-ply maple board
  • Removable Samsung battery
  • Premium 350W wheel hub
  • Responsive regenerative braking
  • Cutout carrying handle
  • Supports up to 220 Ib loads
  • Polyurethane wheels (high elastic)

5. ACTON Blink Lite

ACTON Blink Lite

In the past, people who wanted light and portable skateboard had to sacrifice strength. With ACTON Blink Lite, however, this is a non-issue. This 7.7-pound skateboard is one of the lightest in this niche. Students and people who carry skateboards around for long find this convenient. Its solid wooden deck is durable. Teens weighing up to 130 pounds can ride it and do tricks on it outdoors. Its motors reach a top speed of 10 MPH, while the single charge Li-ion battery it comes with has a range of five miles. ACTON Blink Lite has a Bluetooth remote. With the flick of a switch, you can ride it in reverse or forwards without breaking a sweat. Its warranty is for six months.


  • 10MPH electric motors
  • Remote controlled (Bluetooth)
  • Limited warranty (six months)
  • Supports up to 130 pounds
  • Portable 7.7-pound design

4. Evolve Skateboards – GT Series

Evolve Skateboards – GT Series

Everything about this GT Series Evolve Skateboard stands out. Whether you are shopping for a powerful electric skateboard or one that can travel for long distances, this is a reputable one. Even though light, for instance, the battery on its street version as a maximum range of 31 miles. The all-terrain model has a shorter but still admirable 18.5-mile range. Both versions reach top speeds of 22-26 MPH and have Four-speed modes (ECO, FAST, SLOW, and GT). Depending on your riding style and terrain, you can customize its system to deliver the best results. You can also check board statistics and your riding data directly from the LCD display on its deck.


  • Four-speed modes
  • Street/all-terrain versions
  • 22-26MPH top speed
  • Maximum range of 18.5 miles

3. Evolve Skateboards – Bamboo GTX

Evolve Skateboards – Bamboo GTX

Best known for its rugged all-terrain design, this Bamboo GTX skateboard rides smoothly on dirt and tarmac. On compact surfaces such as concrete and uneven off-road trails, it also delivers better results than comparable brands. Depending on your weight and the terrain you are riding on, for instance, you can reach 26 MPH on this skateboard. Even at high speeds, it is stable, quiet, and captures accurate riding data that you can review later. These include distance, speed, and statistics of the board’s performance. Finally, as the GT Series board reviewed herein, you get four-speed modes with this one. It also has a solid board with a soft over-mold (rubber).


  • 22-25 MPH top speed
  • Magnetic trigger controls
  • Comfortable over-mold (rubber)
  • LCD digital screen
  • Four adjustable speed modes
  • Programmable Deadman switch

2. Teamgee H5

Teamgee H5

With Teamgee H5, you will get a 37-inch 14.5-pound electric skateboard made from 10 layers of maple. The material is durable. Fully loaded, it can support up to 200 pounds. Its black and pink finishing is eye-catching while its dual 380-watt motors reach a top speed of 22 MPH. Riding a new one to work will be fun and fulfilling. After two hours of charging, you can ride this board for nine to 11 miles. Once you have mastered how to use its wireless remote, you can balance on it and maneuver it easily at high speeds.


  • Supports up to 200 pounds
  • Responsive wireless remote
  • Solid deck (10-ply maple)
  • Dual 380-watt motors
  • Top speed of 22 MPH

1. TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed

TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed

Flashy skateboard and hoverboards are popular with the youth for two reasons. First, they wow crowds. Contemporary models also have technologically advanced systems, which are suitable for commuting and recreation. TOMOLOO has a three-wheeled music-rhymed design that meets this threshold. Its creative white themed has a cool LED dragon lighting that improved the visibility of people in the dark. Its Tesla battery has a 12-mile range, while its 17.5 MPH motors are powerful and durable. This remote-controlled TOMOLOO skateboard supports up to 265 pounds.


  • Supports up to 265 pounds
  • 17.5 MPH electric motors
  • Dependable Tesla battery
  • Limited warranty (12 months)
  • Wireless remote control

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