Top 8 DIY Electric Skateboards Reviews In 2020

People are constantly on the lookout for add-ons that can make their skateboards faster and fun to ride. Even though broad decks and efficient all-terrain wheels are ideal, electric skateboards are the best. These battery-powered accessories are fast on both smooth and rugged terrain. Moreover, because riders do not have to kick them manually to ride, they are suitable for traveling for long distances. These DIY models have attracted global acclaim because of their efficiency and their reliability

8. Freestyler Electric Longboard Skateboard


Freestyler Electric Longboard Skateboard

In the past, only professionals with deep pocket could afford high-powered electric skateboards. However, with affordable DIY ones such as Freestyler readily available online, most people can now enjoy this great sport. The 360-watt hub motors that it comes with are powerful. Made from premium 7-ply maple wood, you also get a durable deck with a charming grey and cyan theme. If you enjoy freestyle skateboard riding, adding Freestyler to your arsenal is a good idea. Apart from traveling at high speeds without breaking a sweat, you can jump on this board often without issues. Its lightweight design is portable and powered by a removable 2.2Ah Li-ion battery.


  • Removable Li-ion battery (2.2Ah)
  • Powerful hub motor (360 watts)
  • Premium maple board (7-ply)
  • USB charging port (built-in)

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7. WALNUTT Spectra Skateboard

WALNUTT Spectra Skateboard

Speed, longevity, and natural posture control are a few attributes that people look out for in electric skateboards. Even though many companies have spruced up their products to satisfy skateboarders, WALNUTT tops this chart. Its electric skateboards such as Spectra have technologically advanced designs that satisfy the needs of most people. Made from maple, this 23-inch longboard is durable yet light. You can secure it on most backpacks and travel with it for long effortlessly. Its regenerative motor is surprisingly quiet at high speeds (up to 12.4MPH), while its advanced posture control (3D) boosts comfort. Its intelligent algorithm monitors and shifts the weight of its riders in real time to improve their balance.


  • Regenerative hub motor
  • Intelligent posture control (3D)
  • Long lasting maple deck
  • Top speed of 12.4MPH
  • Portable 23-inch design

6. SKATEBOLT Tornado


With the SKATEBOLT Tornado, you will climb, cruise, and explore most terrains with no issues. Unlike traditional skateboards that require effort and skill to balance on and ride safely, its innovative design is handy. Designed to reach cruising speeds of up to 18.6MPH, for instance, its dual hub motors are powerful. While loaded with up to 280 pounds, you can climb inclines that are up to 25 degrees steep with little effort. Made from eight layers of a northeast maple wood, its 38×9.4×5.5-inch board lasts for long. Warping and cracking are non-issues. Its ability to resist damage from elements such as the rain also makes SKATEBOLT a suitable outdoor skateboard. SKATEBOLT Tornado has RoHS/FCC certification and a reliable wireless remote.


  • Top cruising speed of 18.6MPH
  • Deck supports up to 280 pounds
  • RoHS, FCC, and EMC certification
  • Bright warning lights (two red)
  • Reliable wireless controller
  • Durable maple deck (8 ply)



WOWGO 2S is a 38-inch DIY electric skateboard that supports loads weighing up to 280 pounds. Most youth and adults who enjoy skateboarding can ride it for long every day with memorable results. If you enjoy the thrill of speed, you will also love their electric skateboard. It is a powerful ride. Using a wireless remote control, you can ride it at speeds of up to 38 KM/H. Braking is responsive, while its waterproof Samsung battery has durable 22P cells. After many charges, it maintains its capacity well. Made from bamboo, this is a light yet durable skateboard. You also get a three-month quality warranty that covers mechanical and or structural defects (factory).


  • Supports up to 250 pounds
  • Top speed of 38 KM/H
  • Stable 38-inch design
  • Wireless remote control
  • Solid bamboo board (sustainable)



Do you want a portable electric skateboard (DIY) that outlasts several popular brands? BACKFIRE G2S is a portable 14.5 pounds model that delivers outdoors. Its well-balanced and streamlined design is super-stable. Wheels (96mm and 80mm) are quiet and replaceable, while its electric hub motor has a top speed of 23 MPH. On route to your local store, you do not have to board public transport or spend cash on taxis. With BACKFIRE G2S, you will reach your destination fast and safely. It is also comfortable to ride. On rough terrain, for instance, its flexible deck absorbs shock and vibrations well to smooth out rides. In Eco mode, this skateboard has a range of 15.5 miles. In Sports Mode, on the other hand, you can ride it for 12 miles per charge.


  • Eco and Sports Modes
  • Super flexible deck
  • Powerful hub motor (23 MPH)
  • Replaceable wheels (96/80 mm)
  • Lightweight design (14.5 pounds)

3. Evolve Skateboards – Carbon GT Series

Evolve Skateboards – Carbon GT Series

This GT Series skateboard from Evolve Skateboards is popular among avid riders because of its superior performance. On most terrains, for instance, you will travel at speeds of up to 26 MPH in four modes (SLOW, ECO, FAST, and GT). Its board and wheels are durable. The rechargeable Li-ion battery pack it comes with, on the other hand, has a range of 31 miles. Its thick rubber wheels ride smoothly on compact surfaces made of concrete and bitumen. They also ride smoothly on loose ground or rugged terrain of off-road trails. Via its on-board LCD display (digital), you can monitor your speed and distance in real time. Moreover, for smooth braking and acceleration, Evolve Skateboards has Magnetic trigger controls.


  • Four operation modes
  • Impressive range (31 miles)
  • Magnetic trigger controls
  • Onboard digital display (LCD)
  • Comfortable over mold (rubber)

2. Evolve Skateboards – Bamboo GTX Series

Evolve Skateboards – Bamboo GTX Series

Popular in top 8 DIY electric skateboard reviews in 2019, this GTX Series Evolve Skateboard reaches 26 MPH. If you are looking to replace your cumbersome kick model, check out this electric one. Even though you spend slightly more money, you will appreciate its longevity. Wheels are super-quiet all-terrain ones, while its programmable system has four-speed modes. You can ride it slow or fast. To save power and maximize its range (31 miles) you can set it to ECO Mode. Finally, you can track board performance in real time, and accelerate or brake with little effort. Using its magnetic trigger controls, you can also maneuver it around bends easily.


  • Responsive trigger controls
  • Top speed of 26 MPH
  • Four adjustable speed modes
  • Desirable range (31 miles)

1. SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1


SWAGTRON is reputable for the versatile hoverboards it has manufactured for years. However, its electric skateboards are also bestsellers because of their superior designs. This 24V NG-1 model, for instance, is a UL 2272 certified model with a boosted board. Its speed is modest (11 MPH). Its four wheels are shock absorbing polyurethane ones, while its maple wood deck is solid and durable. For safety, SWAGTRON has grip tape that boosts traction. Its SentryShield battery is also safe.


  • SentryShield Li-Ion battery
  • Shock-absorbing polyurethane wheels
  • UL 2272 certified electric system
  • Wireless remote system (LED)
  • Top speed of 11 MPH

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