Top 8 Best Car Speakers For Bass Reviews In 2019

Most people listen to music, podcasts, or radios to entertain in their cars. Unfortunately, even though the stock multi-media systems in their cars are novel, their sound systems are awful. The acoustic door-mounted speakers that they come with have poor bass output. Others crackle and or make funny noises at high volumes. If such flaws drive you nuts in your car, our top 8 best car speakers for bass is for you. We have identified the best bass boosting speakers for sedans and SUVs.

8. ASC Kicker Sub Box

ASC Kicker Sub Box

To upgrade the sound system of your vehicle, do not replace all of it stock speakers. This is an expensive endeavor. Look for a powerful vented sub box such as ASK instead. This is an affordable product. The 12-inch subwoofer that you get, on the other hand, has a power output (peak) of 300 watts. This is admirable. If you are looking to improve the bass output of your car’s entertainment system, buying one is a good idea. Made using MDF, it also has a durable product. It does not break down or rattle easily. It also has a plush carpet cover that protect it from the elements. Buy one. It only takes up 1.6 cubic feet of space.


  • Powerful 12-inch speaker
  • High-quality MDF construction
  • Protective carpet cover
  • Good power output (300 watts)
  • Vented design (very loud)
  • 27-500 Hz frequency response

7. JBL GTO609C Speaker System


JBL car speakers are among the most dependable in the car industry. JBL GTO609C, for instance, is a versatile set of speakers (two) that deliver memorable results. The carbon-injected cones on these speakers are larger than most in this class. As such, whilst in use, they move more air to improve bass output. Tweeters (soft dome) are also large. Both have oversized voice coils, which handle power and heat dissipation better than most standard speakers do. While listening to music, therefore, you will enjoy the fatigue-free highs that these speakers generate. Installing these JBL GTO609C speakers is a piece of cake. Their size is accurate. They also have a patented i-Mount system for easy installation.


  • Carbon-injected cones
  • Oversized voice coils
  • Tweeter volume adjustment
  • Patented I-mount systems
  • Low impedance speakers

6. Lanzar HTG157 Amplifier

Lanzar HTG157 Amplifier

Many times, people blame the speaker systems in their cars for the poor sound they get whilst entertaining. This is not always the case. Some cars need a high-quality amplifier to boost their sound to the next level. If you are one of them, you will love this Lanzar HTG157 Amplifier for many reasons. Its crossover network and good frequency response boost the quality of sound in cars. Its intelligent monoblock design also has secure terminals and efficient nickel-plated connectors (RCA), which boost its performance further. Devoid of the types of speakers in your car, you will enjoy bass-rich and distortion-free sound whilst listening to music. Lanzar HTG157 has universal line out jacks for distributing its signals.


  • Durable monoblock design
  • Nickel-plated connectors (RCA)
  • Multiple line out jacks
  • Good frequency response4
  • Efficient crossover network

5. XXX Kic120 Car Audio Subwoofer

XXX Kic120 Car Audio Subwoofer

Even though larger than some subwoofers that we have reviewed herein, XXX Kic120 has a few features that you might like. First, its two-way design has two 500-watt speakers that generate thumping sound. If you enjoy bass-rich sound, buy your car’s low-quality speakers let you down every time, this is a good ready. It comes ready to install. The carpeted MDF material used to make its case is also one of kind. Its solid design is durable. It is also rattle-free and has a sturdy handle for easy transportation. You will enjoy having this car audio subwoofer in your sedan or SUV.


  • Solid MDF cabinet
  • Sturdy carrying handle
  • Dual 500-watt speakers
  • Comes ready to install
  • Clear bass-rich sound

4. MTX Audio T812-44 T8000 Subwoofer

MTX Audio T812-44 T8000 Subwoofer

What makes MTX Audio T812-44 T8000 better than other popular subwoofers for cars? First, its vented spider plateau design works like a charm. By circulates cool air on its voice call whilst playing music, it generates clear sound, which people enjoy. Second, its cast aluminum basket is durable. Its solid design does not resonate and or distort its quality of sound in any way. Finally, its 428-degree voice coil endures abuse better than most low-grade ones. During play, the risk of it breaking down is low. Furthermore, like this product’s basket, its solid low-resonance design does not compromise the quality of sound.


  • Stiff glass fiber cone
  • Spider plateau venting
  • Cast aluminum basket
  • Linear drive system (asymmetrical)
  • Durable voice coil (428 degrees)

3. Rockville RTB12A Subwoofer

Rockville RTB12A Subwoofer

With Rockville RTB12A, you will get a bass-rich 600-watt subwoofer for your car. Its 12-inch speakers are not only large, but also durable. The rear aero vent bass system on offer, on the other hand, delivers good results devoid of the music you enjoy. If you are looking for a long lasting subwoofer for day-to-day use, this is also a suitable product. Its steel mountings and canvas straps (two) secure it well in cars. Set up well, it rarely tumbles over when people are driving on bumpy roads. Its 10-gauge amplifier and the professional-grade accessories that it comes with are also one of a kind. They do not break down easily. Finally, this subwoofer’s PVC jacket (outer) can withstand extreme temperatures (-40 F to 220 F).


  • Heavy-duty PVC jacket
  • Adjustable bass crossover
  • Adjustable bass level (remote)
  • Wiring installation kit
  • Steel mounting brackets
  • Canvas straps (Velcro)

2. Dual Electronics SBX100 Enclosed Subwoofer

Dual Electronics SBX100 Enclosed Subwoofer

One of the best strategies for improving the bass output of your car’s sound is to install a third-party subwoofer. Dual Electronics SBX100, for instance, is a reputable vented model with thick 2-inch voice coils. The coils are efficient. Because of their size, they also generate immersive low sounding bass, which improves the quality of sound of stereo systems. This is a powerful subwoofer (500 watts). The sound fingerboard used to make it is durable. It also has a temperature control system that prevents this speaker from overheating whilst in use. During long trips, you can play music for long without issues.


  • Powerful subwoofer (500 watts)
  • Temperature control system
  • Durable sound fingerboard enclosure
  • Thick voice coils (two inches)
  • High impedance (4 ohms)
  • 20Hz-200Hz frequency range

1. MTX Audio TNE212D Terminator Series

MTX Audio TNE212D Terminator Series

Only a few subwoofers can rival the power of this TNE212D Terminator Series subwoofer from MTX Audio. Its 12-inch speakers (two) have an admirable power output of 1200 watts. They are also clear, durable, and mounted on a vented enclosure with a good bass output. With a new one, therefore, expect a significant improvement in the sound quality of your car. It is also a long-lasting product. Constructed using MDF, its rugged design has good shock absorbing properties. It also has an aviation-grade cover (carpet) that boosts its charm further.


  • Aviation-grade carpet cover
  • 1200-watts 12-inch speakers
  • Rugged MDF construction
  • Good bass output (vented)
  • Eye-catching black theme

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