Top 8 Best Walking Shoes For High Arches Reviews In 2020

The Cavus foot is a common medical condition associated with a raised arch. Whilst walking, people with this medical condition place a lot of their weight on the heel and ball of the feet. This is irritating. It is also painful and often leads to instability as people go about their day-to-day activities. Surgery is a recommended treatment for Cavus foot. However, you can do many things to ease pain and or improve the functionality of your feet over time. First, use orthotic devices to support and cushion your feet. You also need a pair of high-quality walking shoes for people with high arches. Our top 8 best walking shoes for high arches covers this controversial subject in detail.

8. Sof Sole AIRR Orthotic Support Insoles

Sof Sole AIRR Orthotic Support Insoles

Does Cavus foot limit your movement are home or at work? To regain your independence, upgrade your walking shoes with this pair of supportive Sof Sole orthotic insoles. Their comfortable full-length designs support the entire foot. Both their heels and arches have shock absorbing heels. Finally, the COOLMAX fabric used to make their tops has moisture wicking properties. Whilst walking or running, thus, these orthotic insoles will support and align your feet naturally. They also keep feet dry and alleviate the pain associated with Cavus foot. Order a new pair worry-free. They come in two accurate sizes (5-7.5 and 8-11).


  • Shock absorbing properties
  • Comfortable full-length insoles
  • Fit most athletic shoes
  • Comes in two accurate sizes
  • Neutralize odor-releasing bacteria
  • Reinforced nylon arch plate

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7. WAKI HOME Soft Medical Orthotic Insole

WAKI HOME Soft Medical Orthotic Insole

Do you wear a size five to a size seven pair of walking shoes on a daily basis? Have you struggled to improve their structure to support your Cavus foot? Buying a set of medical orthotic insoles from WAKI HOME is a good decision. These insoles soothe foot problems such as Cavus foot, overpronation, and plantar fasciitis for many reasons. The soft foam feel, for instance, is desirable. The high polymer EVA cushion that they have alleviates the pain and wear associated with most foot problems. It also has a breathable design with high arch cork support that boosts blood circulation to the foot, heel, and arch. Finally, both insoles have an ergonomic U-heel design that corrects bad walking posture. This alleviates pain further. It also prevents uneven wearing of shoes, which concerns people.


  • High polymer EVA cushions
  • Excellent arch support (U-heel)
  • Breathable ventilation holes
  • Moisture absorbing fabric
  • Correct bad posture
  • Alleviate pain and strain

6. Sof Sole Airr Orthotic

Sof Sole Airr Orthotic

Like women, millions of men are victims of Cavus foot worldwide. Fortunately, with Airr orthotics such as Sof Sol readily available online, you can now do something about this problem. Buy yours today to own a pair of athletic orthotics for cross-training and walking. These are comfortable accessories. Their feature-rich designs, on the other hand, have a positive impact on the foot health of their users over time. The SKYDEX bubbles on their arch and heels, for instance, have good shock absorbing properties. These soothe foot pain whenever you are engaging in rigorous outdoor activities. Their reinforced arches (nylon) improve the alignment and motion control of the foot. Finally, both orthotics have a soft COOLMAX fabric on the top. This wicks up heat and sweat to keep feet dry and comfortable.


  • Athletic orthotic insoles
  • Excellent motion control
  • Shock-absorbing bubbles
  • Reinforced nylon arches
  • COOLMAX fabric top (dry)

5. OKAY Step Arch Inserts

OKAY Step Arch Inserts

Analgesics are good at relieving minor foot pain. However, if you have a chronic issue such as Cavus foot, look for a quality shoe insert instead. These Step Arch models from OKAY, for instance, are supportive shoe orthotics for supporting weak arches. They also improve blood circulation and distribute the weight of their wearers evenly to correct bad posture. These are high-quality orthotics. The combination of PC and TPR materials used to make them lasts for long. They are also smooth, padded (forefoot and heel), and have adjustable designs that fit most shoes. Men and women benefit from these insoles.


  • Durable PC and TPR materials
  • Padded heel and forefoot
  • Normalize bad posture
  • Adjustable step arch inserts
  • Fit most types of shoes
  • Unisex (for men and women)

4. Sof Sole Insoles

Sof Sole Insoles

Running, walking, and training in standard sports shoes is a challenge for people with high arches. They are irritant. Moreover, because of their instability, the risk of injuries to feet is high whilst using such shoes. Do not replace yours, though. Instead, to boost the comfort and safety of your feet, install these full-length foam insoles in your preferred pair of shoes. Due to their enhanced height, they support high arches better than most standard insoles. The gel drop on their heels has shock absorbing properties, while their deep heel cups stabilize the heel. This prevents slipping and injuries whilst exercising.


  • Shock-absorbing gel
  • Non-slip heel cup (deep)
  • Multi-functional insoles
  • Enhanced arch height
  • Cushioned full-length insoles

3. Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles

Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles

Whether you have high, low, or neutral arches, this pair of Powerstep Pinnacle insoles will serve you well. Their professional-grade designs consist of a padded foam base (EVA) that offers targeted cushioning and control of arches. They also have flexible semi-rigid arch supports with deep heel cradles that prevent feet from slipping. Whilst walking or running, these insoles will stabilize your feet. They also wick moisture well and dissipate shock on the feet to soothe metatarsal pain or overpronation. Both insoles come ready to use. You do not have to prepare, trim, and customize them to have good results.


  • Semi-rigid arch support
  • Comfortable EVA foam base
  • Friction/heat reducing cover
  • Anti-microbial properties
  • Supports most arches
  • Variable cushioning technology

2. Sof Sole High Arch Insoles

Sof Sole High Arch Insoles

Available in size 13-14 for women and size 11-12 for men, Sof Sole is a good all-around remedy for high arches and other foot issues. They fit most types of shoes. These include most of the hiking, cross-training, and running shoes that most individuals have at home. They also have novel attributes that benefit individuals with foot problems. First, if you have high arches, you will enjoy using these tall (3.3cm) insoles. They are supportive. They also have deep cups that stabilize the feet as you walk and or work out. This boosts safety.


  • Unisex (for men and women)
  • Fit most athletic shoes
  • Super tall arches (3.3 cm)
  • Supportive nylon plates
  • Stabilize high arches well

1. Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles

Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles

These Powerstep insoles, you will cushion and protect your feet from injuries at home or on the road. Their heavy-duty foam bases cradle the foot. They are also stable (semi-rigid arches) and have a variable cushioning technology that improves the functionality of shoes. Whether you are looking to prevent blisters or to soothe the pain associated with high arches, they rarely disappoint. Powerstep insoles have a multi-functional design. They work well in most shoes. Their anti-microbial fabrics, on the other hand, keep feet cool and odor-free.


  • Anti-microbial fabric
  • Variable cushioning technology
  • Excellent motion control
  • Support most arch types
  • Semi-rigid arch support

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