Top 8 Best Tire Shine Reviews In 2019

As car tires become old, they stain and fade. They also crack, yellow, and lower the outlook of vehicles even after thorough cleaning. To restore such tires, people use and array of unorthodox techniques most of which are ineffective or unsafe for tires. Waxing and painting, for instance, are common. However, they do not last for long. They also affect the structural integrity of tires, which is a safety hazard. To improve the outlook of tires without such issues, use a tire shine instead. They restore and maintain the blackness and shine of tires. They are also easy to apply by spraying them directly on the walls of tires and or using applicators. In this review, we have discussed the eight bestselling brands for your SUV and or sedan.

8. Chemical Guys TVD11316 Tire Kicker

Chemical Guys TVD11316 Tire Kicker

In the car restoration industry, products from Chemical Guys are among the most trusted because of their performance. If the old and stained tired on your vehicle lower its outlook, for instance, do not buy a set of new ones. The TVD11316 Tire Kicker can help you to restore their shine and glossiness at a fraction of the cost. Attainable in a 16 fluid ounce bottle, this “magical formula” restores plastic, vinyl, and rubber almost instantly. Its weatherproof ingredients work well on the interior and exterior of cars. It is also UV resistant and comes in a portable spray bottle for easy application. You do not need tools such as a buffing wheel to use it evenly on your tires.


  • Water and UV resistant
  • Restores, plastic, vinyl, and rubber
  • Portable spray bottle (16 fluid ounce)
  • Effective on interior and exterior

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7. Armor All Extreme Tire Shine

Armor All Extreme Tire Shine

Do you have a car wash and or a detailing shop that tends to many clients daily? Do you have a hard time restoring the shine of wheels after a tiresome detailing job? Buying this Extreme Tire Shine from Armor All is a suitable solution for many reasons. First, the two 22 fluid ounce bottles on offer are commercial-grade. With a new pack, you will be able to restore the tires of many cars while saving money at the same time. Its black shine all weather formula is also one of a kind. Apart from restoring the shine of tires, it nourishes, enhances, and preserves rubber to prevent cracking. Your tires will look good and last long.


  • Two 22-ounce bottles
  • Nourishes and preserves rubber
  • Protect tires from cracking
  • All-weather tire shine formula

6. Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire Gel

Meguiar's G7516 Endurance Tire Gel

Some tire restoration products wash off easily when exposed to water. If you drive through streams often or like in a wet tropical environment, avoid such product. A waterproof Endurance Tire Gel such as Meguiar’s G7516 will serve you better. Its advanced tire gel formula endures the rain and washing. It also contains potent polymers that protect tires from browning and UV damage. Used as directed, you will maintain dark and high gloss tires on your vehicle. Unlike some liquid shines, its gel formula applies cleanly without dripping or overspray.


  • Advanced polymer-rich formula
  • Endures the rain and washing
  • Protects from browning and UV damage
  • Easy to apply (no drips or overspray)

5. Carfidant Ultimate Tire Shine (Spray)

Carfidant Ultimate Tire Shine (Spray)

Are you tired of getting your hands dirty with sponges and gel formula whenever you are restoring tires? A spray-based tire shine such as Carfidant Ultimate will serve you better. The 18-ounce spray bottle it comes in is easy to use. Once you have cleaned your tires all you have to do is spray a small amount on its wall to restore. Its nano-polymer formula offers long-lasting all-weather protection. It also lacks harmful additives such as scents and dyes that weaken the rubber of tires over time.


  • Effective nano-polymer formula
  • Lacks additives such as dyes
  • Free applicator included
  • Long lasting dark and slick shine

4. Adam’s Polishes Tire Shine

Adam's Polishes Tire Shine

In the past, people spent a lot of money in car detailing shops to have their tires restored. However, with the development of portable restoration kits such as Adam’s Polishes, this has changed. Blended to stop browning and induce a dark and long-lasting shine on tires, it is a valuable product. It also has a lustrous yet non-greasy formula (16 ounces) that is easy to apply using a free Hex applicator. During the weekend, it will take you 10 to 20 minutes to restore the four tires on your car. Adam’s Polishes is effective on tires with both aggressive and low profile tread blocks. Its layers of gloss are both UV and water-resistant.


  • Water resistant gloss
  • Non-greasy formula (16 ounces)
  • Effective on most tires
  • Easy to apply (free hex applicator)

3. Chemical Guys TVD10916 – Silk Shine

Chemical Guys TVD10916 - Silk Shine

Maintaining dark tires with an appealing silk shine is not as hard as some people think. This spray-based silk shine formula from Chemical Guys is not only easy to use, but also effective. Its non-greasy formula works well on plastic trims, vinyl, and tires. It also has a glossy OEM finish, which does not stain easily or traps dust or dirt. Finally, even though non-greasy, this water-based product resists both UV damage and the rain. Use it on the interior and or exterior of your car worry-free.


  • High gloss OEM finish
  • Durable non-greasy formula
  • Works on vinyl, plastic, and rubber
  • Weather-Tek formula with sun blockers

2. TriNova Tire Shine Spray

TriNova Tire Shine Spray

TriNova is a no-wipe tire shine spray for restoring dusty, faded tires, or yellowed tires. Instead of using products that will damage your tires over time, look for this better option. Its application is a breeze. Whether you want to improve tire protection, repel grime, or optimize the shine of your tires, this spray delivers. Over time, it will guard your tires against cracking. You can also customize their shine (high, medium, and low) by adjusting the exposure time on tires. If you want a high gloss finish, for instance, leave it on your tire longer before wiping.


  • Advanced tire protection
  • Convenient spray formula
  • Customizable tire shine
  • Repels water and dust

1. CarGuys Tire Shine Spray

CarGuys Tire Shine Spray

In the top 8 best tire shine reviews in 2019, CarGuys spray is a recommended restoration kit. Ideal for individuals and professionals, it is safe for restoring wheels and tires. Moreover, polymer packed formula not only restores the shine of rubber but also protects it from stains and cracking. The tires last longer as a result. This product also injects new life on tires, which improves the look of cars. Each kit comes with a free microfiber applicator. It also works on plastic and vinyl.


  • Works on rubber, plastic, and vinyl
  • Free microfiber applicator
  • Easy to use gel formula
  • Non-toxic nano polymer ingredients
  • Money back guaranteed (100%)

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