Top 8 Best Gas Can Reviews In 2019

Imagine going for a long distance ride and all of a sudden you get out of fuel. You can imagine the stress you will go through before you find a filling station which you have no idea of its location. A short distance is not exceptional as a lot of time will get into waste as you wait. That is the reason why you should have a quality and the best gas can to serve you during such emergencies. We understand that identifying the genuine one may be hectic and that is why we have these top 8 best gas can to help you choose the one that serves you best from them.

List Of Best Gas Can

8. Surecan CRSUR5G1 Gasoline Can

Surecan CRSUR5G1 Gasoline Can

The can is magical as it dispenses fuel from the bottom of the can which is a rare case with any other can. It is of very high quality and thus durable. It achieves the fuel transfer process without any spillage as the rotating and bending spout is of a considerable length. You can see through the receiving tank during the process of a fuel dispensing with the help of the rotating spout which makes the surecan a unique choice. Venting of vapor takes place far from the spout where the fuel dispenses which happens under the permission of the hand trigger.


  • High and durable quality
  • Dispenses fuel from the bottom
  • Long rotating and bendable spouts
  • Thumb trigger present
  • Holds 5.0 gallons of fuel

7. Briggs & Stratton Gas Can

Briggs & Stratton Gas Can

The gas can is ideal for equipment which is small gas powered or for roadside emergency purposes. It prevents accidents that might result from the fuel and fumes by keeping them well contained inside with the help of the smart fill spout. It has a dust cap which ensures that dirt is kept away as far as possible. It is easy to use and especially if it is the first time, the illustrations are on the container, and this means that even if you forget, you can catch up any time you want to use it. If you do not get them clearly, there is a link to an online video covering the instructions.


  • Ideal for small gas-powered equipment
  • Smart-Fill Spout
  • Easy to follow usage instructions
  • Has a dust cap
  • Compliant with EPA and CARB

6. Midwest Can 2300 Gas Can

Midwest Can 2300 Gas Can

The gas can ensure safe and spill-free fuel delivery. It has a durable Durable HDPE construction which is not only crucial in prolonging its use duration but also ensures that the fuel is safe inside it. It plays a very critical role or eliminating hydrocarbon emission virtually. You do not have to worry as you travel around with it as it accomplishes the requirements on the fuel containers that are portable by the California Air Resource Board (CARB) and EPA. It holds two gallons of fuel efficiently. Gas and oil mixes amounting to eight ounces also finds a place in this gas can.


  • Spill proof
  • Durable HDPE construction
  • Hydrocarbon emissions elimination
  • CARB and EPA compliant
  • Accommodates 2 gallons and 8 ounces gas and oil mixes

5. DuraMax Flo n’ Go LE Gas Can

DuraMax Flo n' Go LE Gas Can

The gas can have a durable construction where 80% is resin and rubber takes up the remaining 20%. It is easy to transport to a different location due to its wheeled nature. The walls have a heavy and rugged construction which makes it so robust enhancing its performance. There is no spillage and overflowing when it comes this gas can as all these are put under control by the hand pump which you can start or stop depending on the fuel requirement.


  • Made of 80 % resin and 20% rubber
  • Holds 14 gallons of fuel
  • Wheeled gas can
  • Has a hand pump
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Hassle-free siphon control
  • Rugged heavy walled construction

4. Eagle UI-50-FS gas can

Eagle UI-50-FS gas can

The gas can have a very durable construction which ensures safety as you transport fuel in it as well as giving you service for a long time. Using the instructions on the can is easy making its operation efficient. It safely holds 5 gallons of gasoline. The yellow poly funnel ensures an efficient delivery. It has undergone a leak test which results in 100% thus improving the confidence as you use it. The result has seen it approved for fuel transport. It is not vulnerable to causing fire accidents as it has a flame arrestor screen for the same. It has a steel construction with a powder coat finish.


  • Easy to use
  • Holds 5 gallons of gasoline
  • 100 % leak free
  • Flame arrestor screen
  • Patented comfort grip
  • Steel construction with powder coat finish

3. No-Spill 1415 Gas Can

No-Spill 1415 Gas Can

The gas can enable you to achieve start and precise fuel pouring either on the start or stop with the help of the thumb button control. The size of your equipment does not matter as the funnel spout measuring 7/8-inch takes care of even the small sizes. The spout is always as clean as possible as it has a dust cover attached to it. It is compliant with the CARB and EPA which gives one confidence of use. It has a durable construction with a steel screen made of integrated 20 mesh stainless steel.


  • Thumb button control
  • Funnel spout measuring 7/8-inch
  • Dust cover attached
  • Screen made of 20 mesh integrated stainless steel
  • Compliant with CARB and EPA

2. No-Spill 1450 5-Gallon Poly Gas Can

No-Spill 1450 5-Gallon Poly Gas Can

There are no spills with this gas can as the thumb control is very useful in enhancing the precise pouring of the fuel. If even is your equipment is so small, you do not have to worry as the funnel spout which measures 7/8-inch is ideal for all the sizes. The dust cover keeps dust particles far away from the spout, and thus it maintains its effectiveness as well as keeping the fuel safe. It is compliant with the CARB and EPA and therefore their quality is not questionable. It also has a screen with an integrated 20 mesh stainless steel construction.


  • Controlled with the thumb button
  • Spout funnel measures 7/8-inch
  • Dust cover attached
  • Screen made of stainless steel
  • Compliant with CARB and EPA

1. No-Spill 1405 2-1/2-Gallon Poly Gas Can

No-Spill 1405 2-1/2-Gallon Poly Gas Can

With the No-Spill 1405 2-1/2-Gallon Poly Gas Can, you are sure of precise fuel pouring as you do the control yourself with the thumb. Its funnel spout worth 7/8-inch ensures that even the smallest equipment are catered for adequately. It has a screen with a stainless steel construction which is very durable and serves you for a long time. The CARB and EPA approve its quality, and thus there is no need to worry as you use it. The spout and the fuel inside are away from dust which is under the influence of the dust cover.


  • Controlled with the thumb button
  • Funnel spout measures 7/8-inch
  • Dust cover is inclusive
  • Stainless steel constructed screen
  • CARB and EPA compliant


Choosing the gas can is very crucial when it comes to fuel conservation. Apart from serving your emergencies, it keeps you safe from accidents that result from the use of poor quality gas cans. The above are the top 8 best gas can that will help you towards making the most right decision the one to buy.

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