Top 8 Best Electric Longboards Reviews In 2020

People recognize skateboarding as one of the most enjoyable forms of entertainment. Even though this is true, a few barriers to entry exist, particularly for novices. First, you need professional skills to ride a skateboard safely. Because of their size, some people find it hard to balance on them. Moreover, due to their manual nature, people must exert a lot of effort to ride them up steep inclines such as hills. To enjoy a similar experience without these challenges, look for an electric longboard instead. Most models are wide and stable. People of all shapes and sizes can mount, balance, and ride them for long without safety issues. The durable motor-powered designs of these eight bestselling brands also stand out

8. SKATEBOLT Tornado


Longboards stand out from most brands of skateboards because of their stability. If you are looking for a powerful motor-driven one for commuting, the SKATEBOLT Tornado is a recommended option. Both sets of wheels (two) have durable dual motors with a top speed of 15 miles per hour (MPH). Whether you enjoy cruising at high speeds or want a longboard that can climb hills as well, look for this one. With an original, you will be able to climb inclines up to 25 degrees steep effortlessly. Its black-themed 38×9.4×5.5-inch board also stands out. The eight layers of maple used to manufacture it can support up to 280 pounds easily. It also has a wide and stable design, which includes taillights for safety a battery (18.6-mile range), and a remote.


  • Eight layers of maple
  • Dual motors (15MPH)
  • Supports up to 250 pounds
  • Rechargeable battery (18-mile range)
  • Six-month limited warranty
  • FCC, EMC, and RoHS certification

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BACKFIRE has produced a few innovative longboards for different people. However, it considers this G2S electric model one of its “stars” due to its practicability. Most people can ride this longboard with ease. Because it is broader and stable than most brands of skateboards, mounting it and balancing on it is a breeze. Its replaceable wheels (96mm and 80mm) are stable, quiet, and durable, while its super-flexible deck makes day-to-day riding fun. On rough terrain, it absorbs shock and vibrations well at high speeds. It is also light (14.5 pounds) and has an on-board rechargeable battery with two modes of operation. It has a range of 20 kilometers in Sports Mode. In Eco Mode, you can ride it for up to 25 kilometers without performance issues.


  • Replaceable wheels (96/80mm)
  • Replaceable motors (independent)
  • Fast board (reaches 23 MPH)
  • Lightweight design (14.5 pounds)
  • Shock absorbing deck (flexible)

6. Evolve Skateboards – Carbon GT Series


Wooden skateboards are not only heavy but also cumbersome on the road. Moreover, exposed to elements such as the rain and UV, they only weaken but also lose their aesthetics over time. If you have such as product, replace it with this GT series carbon skateboard from Evolve Skateboards. Made from carbon fiber, it is light, stable, and fast. Its street version, for instance, is a dependable on-road item with a top speed of 26 MPH. Depending on the weight of riders; its all-terrain version reaches speeds of 22-25 MPH off-road. Using its efficient magnetic controls, you can accelerate and brake effortlessly. You can also switch between Eco and FAST modes.


  • Lightweight carbon board
  • 26 MPH top speed
  • Eco, FAST, and SLOW modes
  • The battery has a 31-mile range
  • Magnetic trigger controls
  • Digital screen (LCD)

5. Evolve Skateboards – Bamboo GTX Series


Evolve Skateboards GTX is a sustainable all-terrain skateboard made from bamboo. If you like skateboarding but are conscious of the environment as well, a new one will serve you well. Depending on your riding style, terrain, and weight, you can cover up to 31 miles per charge on this skateboard. It makes day-to-day commuting to school or work enjoyable. Like most Evolve Skateboards skateboard, its decent speed (22-26 MPH) and dependable all-terrain design stand out. In SLOW, ECO, FAST, or GT modes, you can ride on concrete, tarmac, and or bitumen effortlessly.


  • Multiple operation modes
  • Admirable range (31 miles)
  • Dependable all-terrain skateboard
  • Displays real-time riding data
  • Desirable speed (22-26 MPH)

4. All Rover Stair-Rover


In the past, many companies designed longboards solely for commuting. This is no longer the case. Sturdy and high-performance brands for stunting are readily available with the All Rover Stair-Rover topping the list. It is a perfect board for rigorous riders. Made from ply maple, its broad deck can support loads of up to 100 kilograms without buckling. Its heavy-duty wheels (8), trucks (50-degree aluminum), and flexible V-frame are durable. Finally, optimized for riding off-road, its thermoplastic chassis (engineered) has shock absorbers that smooth out rides.


Eight heavy-duty wheels

Durable maple deck (ply)

Smooth turning trucks (aluminum)

Shock absorbing chassis (thermoplastic)

Lightweight (weighs only 4 kilograms)

On-board carrying handle

3. Teamgee H5


Manufactured with 10 layers of maple wood, Teamgee H5 is one of the most durable electric hoverboards on our list. If you have broken a few good ones because of your rugged riding style, try this one. It can support loads of over 200 pounds without a dip in performance. This is a surprisingly light (14.5 pounds) longboard. Loaded to capacity, the 760W dual motors that power its wheels reach speeds of up to 22 MPH. The performance of its battery is modest (9-11 miles after a 2-hour charge), while is wide 37-inch deck is stable. Mounting it is a breeze. Riding this board is even easier.


  • Stable 37-inch deck
  • Surprisingly light (14.5 pounds)
  • Durable 8-ply maple board
  • Dependable 760-watt motors
  • Manufacturer warranty (1 year)
  • Supports up to 200 pounds

2. BLITZART Huracane


BLITZART Huracane is a 38-inch electric longboard with a dependable hub-motor (350W). Its novel design rarely overheats. Designed to reach speeds of 17 MPH, you also get a fast hoverboard with a decent range. Charged, its 36V 4.0 Ah Lithium-ion battery (secured) has a range of 6-8 mile. The distance depends on your weight (up to 200 pounds and the type of terrain you are riding on (smooth versus rough). Made from bamboo and maple wood (7-ply), this is a durable product. Maneuvering it is effortless using a wireless remote control mounted on an ergonomic wrist strap.


  • Wireless remote
  • Durable 7-ply board
  • 350 W hub-motor
  • Secured 4.0 Ah Lithium-ion battery
  • Supports up to 200 pounds

1. TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed


Popular with adults and children alike, this colorful music-rhymed hoverboard from TOMOLOO tops this list. This is a UL certified device. During charging and use, its battery does not overheat nor burn out, as cheap ones do. Its cool-looking LED dragon lighting is a crowd pleaser, while its ability to support up to 265 pounds is a good selling point. On most terrain, you will reach speeds of up to 17.5MPH for 12 miles. Its regenerative brake responds well in most environments. Finally, because it has a speaker, you can listen to music as you ride TOMOLO to your local mall.


  • Loud wireless speaker
  • UL-certified components
  • Colorful RGB lighting
  • Interchangeable riding modes (three)
  • Maximum range of 12 miles
  • Replaceable Tesla motors
  • Limited warranty (12 months)

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