Top 8 Best Blender For Ice Reviews In 2020

During warm and sunny days, many people enjoy relaxing outdoors with a cold smoothie. This is a very refreshing cold drink. Furthermore, if you have the right equipment at home, preparing it is also relatively easy. The first thing that you should do is identify some of the most popular recipes online. These are readily available from websites such as YouTube. You also require a powerful blender for ice that makes delicious smoothies on demand. This article will help you with the latter. Herein, we have identified the top 8 best blender for ice. We have also reviewed their features and benefits.

8. Aicok Smoothie Blender

Aicok Smoothie Blender

Are you looking to save the tens of dollars that you spend on smoothies on a daily basis? To prepare delicious and healthy drinks on a budget at home, you need a versatile smoothie blender such as Aicok. Its 1200-watt motor reaches speeds of up 24,000-28,000RPM. This sufficient for pulverizing vegetable and or whole fruits that people used to prepare smoothies. The one-touch smart programs on offer are also ideal. With the touch of a button, you can crush ice in this machine. You can also blend ripe or frozen fruits without leeching their nutrients. Parts are BPA-free, easy-to-clean, and dishwasher-safe.


  • Dishwasher-safe parts (BPA-free)
  • Powerful electric motor (1400W)
  • High-speed system (24-28,000RPM)
  • Smart programs (one touch)
  • Two sizes (28 ounces and 38 ounces)
  • Two-year limited warranty

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7. Vitamix Explorian Blender

Vitamix Explorian Blender

Many of the standard food blenders that we have at home cannot crush hard ingredients such as ice. To do an excellent job whenever you are preparing smoothies, you need a powerful blender such as Vitamix Explorian. Its black theme is eye-catching. It also has a powerful motor (electric) with ten variable speeds for making soups and smooth purees in seconds. If you like chunky smoothies, it is also one of the best blenders to use. Its one-touch pulse feature is suitable for making coarse chops of vegetables or fruits for your soups, smoothies, and salsas. At full capacity, this machine can blend up to 64 ounces of materials. Its self-cleaning jug and stainless steel blades are both BPA-free.


  • Spacious design (64 ounces)
  • Variable speed electric motor
  • Durable stainless steel blades
  • BPA and phthalate-free parts
  • One-touch Pulse feature
  • Eye-catching black theme

6. SharkNinja Nutri Ninja

SharkNinja Nutri Ninja

Considered among the best personal blenders in 2018, SharkNinja Nutri Ninja is a must-have product at home. If you drink shakes, juices, and smoothies at least once every day, a new one will not let you down. It comes with three cups (32 ounces, 24 ounces, and 18 ounces). Whether you live alone or with friends, therefore, you can easily blend enough material in one session. All cups are durable and have convenient screw-on designs that you can install effortlessly. Even though compact, this blender’s 1000-watt motor packs a punch. It handles heavy-duty blending jobs well without overheating or breaking down over time. Each package has a 30-recipe guide, a quick start guide, and an instruction book.


  • Intelligent one-touch programs
  • Powerful electric motors (1000w)
  • Lidded blending cups (three)
  • Durable stainless steel blades

5. SharkNinja Ninja Professional

SharkNinja Ninja Professional

Are you shopping for a compact countertop blender than makes silky-smooth juices and smoothies? Featuring a 72oz crushing pitcher, SharkNinja Ninja Pro is one of the best brands for homes. You also get two bullet pitchers (16 ounces), which double as cups for drinking smoothies/ juices. In terms of performance, this is a professional-grade blender. The durable 1000-watt motor that it comes with has three adjustable speed. You can easily customize its system to blend most ingredients. Its single-serve and pulse functions also deliver good results. SharkNinja Ninja has BPA-free and dishwasher-safe parts.


  • BPA-free blades and pitchers
  • Spacious crushing pitchers (72Oz)
  • Two bullet pitchers cum cups (16Oz)
  • Pulse and single-serve functions
  • Variable speed 1000-watt motor

4. ISUN Aimores Commercial


Your first step to living a healthy lifestyle should be to prepare fresh beverages at home. This is not as challenging as some of us think. If you can afford a good commercial-grade blender such as ISUN Aimores, the sky will be the limit. Its fast and programmable design enables people to prepare delicious smoothies on demand. Even without formal training, you will be able to prepare delicious drinks that sell for a fortune in hotels. ISUN Aimores is also a trustworthy item because of its BPA-free components. Its 9-cup (72oz) Tritan container is 100% food-safe. Made of hardened stainless steel, this blender’s heavy-duty blades are durable. Used to crush ingredients such as ice, they do not chip or break easily.


  • Large Tritan container (72 ounces)
  • Hardened stainless steel blades
  • Programmable settings (six)
  • Commercial-grade ice blender

3. Oster Reverse Crush Blender

Oster Reverse Crush Blender

With this Oster Reverse Crush Blender at home, you will be able to prepare up to six cups of crushed ice in minutes. It is a powerful product. The seven-speed motor (1000w) that it has handles most crushing and blending jobs effortlessly. Its glass jar and the Crush Pro (six) blades that it uses are durable. Finally, due to its dual-direction blade technology, this ice blender rarely jams whilst in use. Oster Reverse Crush Blender is easy to operate. Because of its long (16-inch) power cord, you can use it from most areas of your kitchen with ease. Its one-touch controls, on the other hand, eliminate guesswork from blending.


  • Brushed stainless steel case
  • Long power cord (16 inches)
  • Six-cup borosilicate glass jar
  • Dual direction blades (Crush Pro)
  • Durable all-metal drive system
  • Limited warranty (10 years)

2. SharkNinja Ninja Professional

SharkNinja Ninja Professional

This Ninja Professional blender from SharkNinja has a sleek black-themed body that blends well with kitchens. The material is fade-proof. Furthermore, all of its components have durable BPA-free designs, which are food-safe. Buy one for day-to-day use with a peace of mind. Apart from its style, the 1000w motor that this blender uses is one of a kind. In synergy with the Ninja Total crushing blades in this blender, it powers through most crushing and blending jobs with ease. It also purees efficiently and does controlled processing jobs proficiently. This Ninja blender makes 72 ounces of juices or smoothies.


  • Professional motor (1000 watts)
  • Impressive capacity (72 ounces)
  • Six-blade assembly (stainless steel)
  • BPA-free blades and jar
  • Blends, purees, and crushes

1. MengK Smoothies Blender

MengK Smoothies Blender

MengK’s 2000-watt design is one of the best for blending, pureeing, and crushing ingredients at home. This is a fast product. At full power, its motor reaches a rotational speed of 27,000RPM. The powerful stainless steel blades that it has also enhance its performance further. Expect professional results at home. Its capacity is acceptable. Made of ABS plastic, the clear and lidded jar that you get contains up to 67 ounces of material. It is also durable (acid and heatproof) and most importantly, food-safe. Finally, MengK Smoothies Blender is ETL-certified. It is power-efficient, safe, and has a 30-day guarantee.


  • Satisfaction guaranteed (30 days)
  • Lidded ABS plastic jar (67 ounces)
  • High-speed system (27,000RPM)
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel blades

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