Top 8 Best Air Hockey Table Reviews In 2019

During their free time, most students play air hockey with friends. It is an enjoyable game. Moreover, because of it engaging system, it keeps players active as well, which is beneficial to health. In homes, it is also a must-have in game rooms for the foregoing reasons. Are you considering buying one for the new game room that you are setting up at home? We have your back. In our top 8 best air hockey table, we have talked about a few reputable brands. Here are their major features :

8. Atomic Avenger Hockey Table

Atomic Avenger Hockey Table

Table-based games such as pool are popular because of their immersive designs. Moreover, because outcomes are dependent on the skill of players, they also appeal to a vast group of people. To get a sturdy and functional one for your home, buy the Atomic Avenger. Ranked eight on our review, its versatility and quality of construction stand out. Its touch screen controls, for instance, are responsive. Setting up and or scoring games is easy. This table also has solid legs, each with a 5.5-inch leveler for stability. Even if you have an uneven floor at home, this table will serve you well. Finally, its high-gloss MDF playing field is smooth and fitted with a powerful blower (120V) for fast and exhilarating play.


  • Electric scoring system
  • Powerful blower (120V)
  • High-gloss MDF playfield
  • Leg levelers (5.5 inches)
  • Touch screen controls

7. Playcraft – Center Ice Air Hockey Table

Playcraft - Center Ice Air Hockey Table

This competition-grade air hockey table from Playcraft works well in homes. If you are tired of playing cards or watching movies during your free time, order yours now. This is an adult-sized hockey table (7-feet). Its markings are accurate, while the PVC laminate playfield on offer has a high-gloss finish for fast playing. Coupled with high output blower (223cfm), its users enjoy exhilarating play devoid of skill level. Like the Atomic Avenger, this table has levelers (5-inches) for stability. Its thick (6-inches) pedestal legs and laminate 3/4-inches are durable.


  • Adult-sized table (7 feet)
  • Powerful blower (223cfm)
  • High-gloss PVC playfield
  • Thick pedestal-style legs (6-inches)
  • Hide-away electronic scorer
  • Leg levelers (5-inches)

6. ESPN Air Hockey Table

ESPN Air Hockey Table

This ESPN-themed table is one of the best things that have air hockey lovers have access to. Moreover, if you have struggled to get a quality table that works well for long, your search has ended. Ideal for gaming, this table’s 7-foot design can fit and work in most areas of the home. These include basements and game rooms. It also has a sturdy design with a UL-certified blower motor that disperses air evenly. Your friends will not have an unfair advantage whenever you are playing on this table. Finally, you will like the glossy playing field (magnetic) on this table that high-performance accessories that it comes with.


  • UL-certified blower motor
  • LED scoring capability (electronic)
  • High-gloss playfield (magnetic)
  • Full-panel leg supports (sturdy)
  • Reinforced playfield apron
  • Premium playing accessories

5. Triumph Lumen-X Lazer

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer

Do you enjoy playing air hockey during their free time? Are you planning to replace the worn out table that you received as a gift in your youth? Triumph Lumen-X Lazer is a popular 6-foot model with an interactive all-in-one design that makes gaming enjoyable. Its illuminated design (LED), for instance, lights up gaming rooms at night. It also has an in-game music system for entertaining and a well-engineered platform with dual motor blowers. The latter delivers an intense play, which keeps players on edge. Finally, with this table, you do not have to record scores manually on paper or on notebooks. It has an inbuilt electronic scoring board, which does this for you. This technology is accurate.


  • LED illuminated table
  • Dual blower motors
  • Electronic scoring board
  • Portable 6-foot design
  • High-gloss PVC playfield
  • Quality playing accessories

4. ESPN Air Hockey Table

ESPN Air Hockey Table

This ESPN air hockey table has a 5-foot design that does not clutter homes. However, it works as well as most of the large and expensive brands certified for competitions. Set up well, its gaming experience is awesome. The two pushers and two pucks that it comes with are suitable for multi-player gaming. Its electric air-powered system is efficient, while its sturdy frame withstands day-to-day abuse well. All legs, for instance, have supportive panels (full) and lateral cross braces that support a lot of weight. Finally, on this air hockey table, scoring games is a piece of cake. Its electric scoreboard handles this automatically.


  • Built-in electric scoreboard
  • Compact design (five feet)
  • Air-powered system (UL-certified)
  • Eye-catching ESPN theme
  • Heavy-duty legs (full panel)

3. Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table

Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table

To enjoy action-packed air hockey games at home, you need this top-shelf table from Atomic. Recommended for personal and competitive use, its quality is admirable. The four large legs that support its frame, for instance, have high capacity designs. You can lean on this table a few time without it crumbling. Its playing field (82×41 inches), on the other hand, is not only large, but also premium. Covered with high-gloss PVC, its users enjoy an arcade-style level of play. It is also durable, illuminated (Lumen-X LEDs), and has a powerful motor (120V) that pushes air evenly. This improves game-play.


  • Powerful motor (120V)/airflow
  • Multi-color illumination (Lumen-X LED)
  • High-speed playing surface (PVC)
  • Pucks, pushers, and a spinner
  • Heavy-duty support legs (four)

2. EastPoint Sports NHL Power Play

EastPoint Sports NHL Power Play

This EastPoint Sports NHL Power Play table will improve how you play air hockey at home. Its two-in-one design (tennis and hockey table) stands out. Instead of spending a lot of money on two accessories, you get a single multi-functional one that works well. This is a durable product. Its legs, for instance, support heavy loads well. You can also adjust their height individuals to boost the stability of this air hockey table. Its 80x43x32-inch playing surface also stands out. Made from high-gloss PVC, it is durable. It also has in-built speakers for listening to music and an electric scoring board that works automatically.


  • Two-in-one air hockey table
  • High gloss PVC playing area
  • Loud in-built speakers
  • Electric automatic scoreboard
  • Spacious play area (80x43x32-inches)

1. Brunswick Shutout Table

Brunswick Shutout Table

If you play air hockey every day, you will like this table’s heavy-duty design. Apart from being one of the cheapest brands on our list, it is also one of the most durable. The dense fiber wood used to make its supports heavy loads well. It also has a contemporary outlook, which lights up the game rooms in homes. Unfortunately, it is somewhat heavy (130 pounds). This is a game-ready table. The four packs and two pushers on offers are ready to use. Its high-gloss playing area (PVC), on the other hand, has steady blowers and a dual style abacus scoring system for non-stop action. All parts have a 90-day warranty.


  • Steady blowers
  • 90-day warranty
  • Durable fiber wood
  • High gloss play area
  • Abacus scoring system

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